The new AEDP project was finalised in July 2014. The website will be rebuilt and updated.


To improve and enhance the capacity and impact of African diaspora-development organisations 

Améliorer et renforcer les capacités et l’impact d’organisations de la diaspora africaine en matière du développement

IT Experts and Web Designers Wanted

Invitation to Tender for Redesign and Redevelopment of the Africa-Europe Development Platform Website

The Africa-Europe Development Platform (AEDP, formerly AEP) is a Europe-wide network of African diaspora organisations across Europe involved in development. As part of the current transition phase, delivered by AFFORD, we are seeking to redesign the current website for the Platform ( ).

AEDP wishes to re-brand and re-design as well as improve on its website’s functionality.

More Details

Africa-Europe Development Platform (AEDP)

AEDP’s mission is to ‘improve and enhance the capacity and impact of the African diaspora organisations that are involved in development activities in Africa’. This mission is pursued through delivery of services to diaspora organisations and individuals in Europe and Africa. In particular, AEDP will help diaspora organisations in the EU, Switzerland and Norway to:

  • Optimise their development engagement in Africa
  • Professionalise their organisations and activities
  • Create effective partnerships in Europe and Africa
  • Expand and improve their development activities in Africa
  • Influence the policy and practice of development cooperation

Plate-forme de Développement Afrique-Europe (PDAE)

La mission de la Plate-forme de Développement Afrique-Europe (PDAE) est « d’améliorer et renforcer les capacités et l’impact d’organisations de la diaspora africaine qui sont impliquées dans les activités de développement en Afrique » On poursuit cette mission par offrir des services aux personnes et organisations de la diaspora africaine en Europe et en Afrique. Notamment, la PDAE assistera d’organisations de la diaspora africaine dans les 28 pays de l’Union Européenne ainsi qu’en Suisse et en Norvège à :

  • Optimiser leur engagement en matière de développement en Afrique
  • Professionnaliser leurs organisations et activités
  • Établir des partenariats efficaces en Europe et en Afrique
  • Élargir et améliorer leurs activités de développement  en Afrique
  • Influencer la politique et la pratique de la coopération solidaire

AEDP News – June 2014

Gibril Faal awarded OBE in Queen's Birthday Honours List:

18 June Gibril Faal Queen's Honours List - press release

Gibril Faal nommé OBE sur la liste d’honneur de l’anniversaire de la Reine:

18 Juin - G Faal Liste d’Honneurs de la Reine - communiqué de presse

AEDP UPDATE – June 2014


Transition Project to Start in July 2014

Further to the project update circulated in May 2014, we can report that on 5 June 2014, AFFORD and ICMPD held a finalisation meeting with the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC). Formalities for the completion of funding arrangements were discussed. We are pleased to inform you that the meeting went very well and it was agreed that the transition project will formally start on 1 July 2014. This is great news and we are very grateful to funders, diaspora practitioners and all supporters for your advice, assistance and patience during the last six months of preparation. In the coming weeks, we will send out more information on action points, activities and engagements.

Please keep an eye on the website. It will be re-designed in the coming months, but in the meantime, updates are posted there: 

Thank You,

AEDP, 6 June 2014.


Projet de Transition à Commencer en Juillet 2014

A la suite de la mise à jour du projet disséminée en mai 2014, nous pouvons signaler que l’AFFORD et l’ICMPD ont tenu une réunion de finalisation le 5 juin 2014 avec la Direction suisse du développement et de la coopération (DDC). Les formalités pour conclure les arrangements financiers ont été discutées. Il nous fait plaisir de vous informer que la réunion s’est très bien déroulée et il a été convenu qu’il va commencer officiellement le 1 juillet 2014. C’est une excellente nouvelle et nous sommes très reconnaissants aux bailleurs de fonds, aux praticiens de la diaspora, et à tous nos partisans de vos conseils, de votre assistance, et de votre patience au cours des six derniers mois de préparation. Dans les semaines à venir on va disséminer plus amples renseignements sur des points d’action, d’activités, et d’engagements.

N’hésitez pas à consulter régulièrement le site-web. Ceci va être redessiné dans les mois à venir, mais entretemps des mises à jour seront y publiées:  

Nous vous remercions.

PDAE, le 6 juin 2014.


By 2017, the AEDP project aims to have achieved the following goals:

  • Delivered a programme of relevant services to diaspora beneficiaries
  • Improved the capacity and impact of participating diaspora organisations
  • Recruited legally registered diaspora organisations as formal members of AEDP
  • Registered AEDP as a not-for-profit legal entity with headquarters in Brussels
  • Established a professional and operational service-delivery AEDP Directorate
  • Instituted an elected Board of Trustees and a co-opted Advisory Council of Experts and Champions

AEDP will organise Diaspora Development Forums (DDF) as flagship events which focus on the priorities of African Diaspora-Development Organisations (ADDOs) in different geographical regions e.g. Scandinavia, Eastern Europe or the Mediterranean. Through partnerships, DDFs will also be held in different African regions. The DDFs bring together AEDP’s work on:

  • Training and Capacity-Building
  • Research and Policy Engagement
  • Networking and Partnerships
  • Showcasing of Diaspora Contributions
  • Advocacy and Diaspora-Development Mainstreaming.

AEDP is funded for 2014-17 by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the European Commission. Further funding is being sought from other donors. AEDP emerged out of a Europe-wide pilot project that ran from 2010 to 2013, which was funded by the European Commission with co-funding from SDC, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Deutsche Gesellshaft fϋr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. 

The AEDP project is financed by the European Union and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation: AEDP is supported by CIM: AEDP is implemented by AFFORD:

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